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A network of fantastic hiking routes of various durations and levels of difficulty awaits you in São Miguel. The paths lead through untouched landscapes, over volcanic craters, at lakes and of course to the coast. Hiking with children is no problem on São Miguel. Hike on your own or book a guided tour, we are happy to give you tips!

Whale and dolphin watching

The Azores are among the most interesting destinations for whale watching. Almost 30 different types of whales, including dolphins, frolic in the waters around the Azores, some species can even be found all year round. We are happy to provide you with information on the whale watching tours offered!


Churches and cathedrals, picturesque streets, buildings from the 18th century, a tea plantation, a liqueur factory or lost places. There is a lot to see in São Miguel.


Surfing, diving, horseback riding, swimming, hiking, (deep-sea) fishing, golf, climbing, canyoning, mountain biking ... the choice is yours, you won't get bored. We would be happy to put you in touch with relevant providers.


A day on the beach, a picnic at the lake or a walk through the Terra Nostra Park will let you relax. A highlight is definitely a visit to the wonderful thermal bath "Poça da Dona Beija". A bath in the 39 degree warm, iron-containing spring water, combined with a great experience of nature, helps you to forget stress.


There is something going on in São Miguel all year round. Whether religious festivals in honor of various saints or, for example, the "Cavalhadas de São Pedro", colorful parades with colorfully dressed riders - the Azoreans like to celebrate. Dance events and concerts take place regularly.

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